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Front Office

Front Office Staff

Chief Executive OfficerKevin Bruder(801) 988-8800 
Chief Financial OfficerJill Roberts(801) 988-8000 
Vice President of  
Corporate Partnerships/CMO
Brian Prutch(801) 988-8011Email

Ticketing Staff

Service and Retention ExecutivePatrick McCarthy(801) 988-8027Email
Service and Retention ExecutiveJenni Walls(801) 988-8009Email
Business Account ExecutiveBlaise Daugherty(801) 988-8031Email
Business Account ExecutiveCam Levy(801) 988-8046Email
Group Account ExecutiveTeeghan Turner(801) 988-8004Email
Group Account ExecutiveAleena Gomez(801) 988-8777Email
Group Account ExecutiveHayleigh Solano(801) 988-8007Email


Corporate Sales and Partnerships Staff

Account Manager/ 
Director of Game Operations
Noah Hill(801) 988-8003Email

Broadcasting and Communications Staff

Director of Communications 
& Broadcaster
Tyson Whiting (801) 988-8017Email
Marketing and 
Communications Manager
Tanner Walker(801) 988-8035Email
Director of PhotographyRob Church  
Photography CoordinatorTim Broussard  

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