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Summer Blog Entry: July 26

07/26/2013 10:01 AM - Adam Turner

With just over two months until opening night, it’s going to be an exciting month of August as Head Coach Tim Branham will soon be arriving fulltime in Utah and has a lot in store in many areas.

If you missed my 10 minute conversation with the new Head Coach/GM earlier this week, make sure to watch this.

Unrestricted free agent and Utah native Trevor Lewis re-signed with Los Angeles earlier this week on a one year contract.  He was also named to the US Olympic Team camp roster on Monday.

An ECHL rivalry in California may have intensified last week when the Edmonton Oilers, who had been in Stockton for the previous seven seasons, moved their ECHL affiliation to Bakersfield.

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Summer Blog Entry: July 19

07/18/2013 4:17 PM - Adam Turner

Free agency this offseason has been relatively quiet for former Grizzlies in the NHL.

Goaltender Mike Smith (2002-2004) got a six year contract extension with Phoenix in the last few weeks.

Trevor Lewis (2012-2013) remains a free agent with Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Dan Ellis (2003-2004) has gone back to Dallas and Trevor Smith (2007-2008) has signed with Toronto after previously being in the Pittsburgh organization.

Thursday, I talked with Grizzlies Head Coach/GM Tim Branham as he works his hockey school in Wisconsin. We’ll post the interview conducted in the 1320 KFAN studio on YouTube on Tuesday. In our first full interview with Tim, I guarantee fans will be excited; first of all from his exuberance and energy about everything. He tells me about his experience as he assisted in turning around the Reading team from last place to a contender and champion overnight. In addition, he’ll talk about recruiting, what he would want from a potential affiliation and more. It’s a great conversation and I think you’ll enjoy the produced radio segment made for television.

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Summer Blog Entry: July 12

07/12/2013 9:18 AM - Adam Turner

It took the Grizzlies less than two weeks to name a replacement after Head Coach Kevin Colley departed on June 24. The 13 day search included evenings, weekends and the first candidate interviewed met Grizzlies CEO Kevin Bruder as he vacationed with his family the day after Colley’s resignation. It was an in depth search with four finalists, all of which would have been a great choice to be Utah’s next Head Coach. The question was, who would be the best fit with the Grizzlies and what the organization is trying to accomplish both on and off the ice. In the end, it was decided that Tim Branham was the fit for the team. Again to reiterate, all four finalists we're the real deal and will all be successful in their future endeavors. It was a great position for the Grizzlies to be in.

The search that was all encompassing was put on the fast track and definitely completed in a very timely manner.

To compare here are how long other ECHL coaching searches have taken this offseason.
Bakersfield: March 30-June 21: 81 days
Las Vegas: April 23-26: 3 days (Named 2012-2013 captain Head Coach)
Fort Wayne: May 13-June 4: 20 days
Orlando: June 6-June 19: 13 days
Utah: June 25-July 8: 14 days
Stockton: June 18-In Progress: 23 days and counting
Cincinnati: July 9-In Progress

If you missed new Grizzlies Head Coach Tim Branham Monday on The Home of the Grizzlies 1320 KFAN, he joined Gunther and Graham to talk about his style and what he looks to do in Utah. Click here to listen

Also, here is a conversation on the hiring process and what led Utah to Branham with the “Voice of the Grizzlies” Adrian Denny and Grizzlies CEO Kevin Bruder who announced Branham as the Grizzlies Head Coach/GM on Monday. Click here to watch

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