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Grizzlies On The Verge Of Breaking Out

10/30/2008 11:12 AM - Adam Turner
Tough game Wednesday night. I think the most frustrating fact was that the Grizzlies shot themselves with penalties early and fell behind 2-0; battled back to tie on two separate occasions and then lost with what got them in trouble in the game to begin with: penalties.

While it was definitely not the best game the Grizzlies have or will have played in 2008-2009, it certainly goes to show how skilled this team is all the way around. Given everything that went wrong or wasn’t smooth, they still had a chance to win going late into the third period on the road and were well on their way to killing their nearly five minute shorthanded situation before going down by two men for two minutes in what ultimately would be a suicide mission as former Utah player Olivier Labelle scored the game-winning goal.

Other observations:
Vladimir Nikiforov continues to dazzle and wow just about everyone in the building with his skating skill and playmaking ability. At 21, his future is definitely very bright and last night he tallied a goal and an assist. He definitely has the potential to average more than a point a night and I think we’ll see him do that.

At 0-2, we can’t make any judgment on Mike Mole at all after two games. Last night the team gave up three power-play goals and had a five-on-five breakdown. And of course Saturday, everything completely fell apart in front of him. When Utah was 2-0, nothing, absolutely nothing, was left in front of Nathan Lawson, who heads to the AHL with unbelievable numbers from early in the ECHL season.

Dennis Packard, playing in his first game of the year Wednesday, I believe will be a dominating presence in this league forever how long he is here. My over-under is six weeks.

The ability of James Sixsmith to create shorthanded scoring chances continues to be amazing to watch. He had two shorthanded breakaways last night both setup by Ryan Kinasewich and already has a shorthanded goal on the season.

The Utah power-play looks like it is ready to explode, but last night the penalty-kill struggled and the team obviously can help the situation by staying out of the penalty box.

At some point or another, the Grizzlies will break through in the first period. They have scored just one first period goal this season, while giving up four, three of which have been allowed on the power-play. Utah has scored nine goals in the second periods however, while scoring just two and allowing two in the third period.

A day off Thursday, the team is currently practicing as I write this then Head Coach Kevin Colley will take them through a video session.

Send me your thoughts or your own blog entries at adenny@utahgrizz.com


Coming Soon! "Inside The Mole Hole"

10/29/2008 8:40 AM - Brett Parnham
Coming soon, Grizzlies Goaltender Mike Mole will debut "Inside The Mole Hole" as he blogs about the team's trip to Victoria.


10/23/2008 2:26 PM - Adam Turner

Welcome to our new blog. Over the upcoming season, players, coaches and myself will be blogging on Utah Grizzlies hockey. We invite fans to submit their entries to our blog as well by emailing me at adenny@utahgrizz.com and I will post a few entries as well throughout the year. In the meantime, GO GRIZZLIES and we’ll see you at the E-Center soon!

Adrian Denny
Utah Grizzlies Radio

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