Grizzlies In The NHL


Since 1994, over 200 Grizzlies players have gone on to play in the National Hockey League. Since 2006, Ray Whitney (Carolina) and Scott Niedermayer have won Stanley Cup Championships.



- Keith Ballard:
Minnesota Wild: With Utah during the 2004-05 season.
- Victor Bartley: Nashville Predators: With Utah during the 2009-10 season.
- Trevor Daley: Dallas Stars: With Utah during the 2003-2004 season.
- John Erskine: Washington Capitals: With Utah from 2000-2004.
- Trevor Lewis: Los Angeles Kings: With Utah during the 2012-2013 season.
- Andrew MacDonald: New York Islanders: With Utah during 2007-2008 season.
- Steve Ott: St Louis Blues: With Utah during the 2002-2003 season.
- Mike Smith: Arizona Coyotes: With Utah from 2002-2004 seasons.
- Mark Streit: Philadelphia Flyers: With Utah during the 1999-2000 season.

                                                                        The following former Grizzlies have also played in the NHL.

Player Name
Years W/ Grizzlies


NHL Team(s)
Aivazoff, Micah 1995-1996, 1998-2000 Center DET, EDM, NYI
Anderson, Shawn 1996-1997 Defense BUF, WSH, PHI, QUE
Andersson, Niklas 1994-1998 Left Wing QUE, NYI, S.J., NSH, CGY
Archibald, Dave 1995-1996, 1998-2000 Right Wing MNS, NYR, OTT,NYI
Armstrong, Colby 2012-2013 Forward Pit, ATL, TOR, MON
Armstrong, Derek 1996-1997 Center NYI, OTT, NYR, LA
Arniel, Scott 1995-1996 Left Wing WIN, BUF,BOS
Bacashihua, Jason 2001-2004 Goalie ST.L.
Bach, Ryan 1998-1999 Goalie LA
Bales, Mike 2000-2001 Goalie BOS, OTT
Ballard, Keith 2004-2005 Defense PHX, FLA, VAN, MINN
Bartley, Victor 2009-2010 Forward Nashville
Beaudoin, Eric 2001-2002 Wing FLA
Beaupre, Don 1996-1997 Goalie MNS, WSH, OTT, TOR
Beers, Bob 1995-1996 Defense BOS, T.B., EDM, NYI
Berenzweig, Andrew "Bubba" 2002-2004 Defense NSH
Berry, Rick 2004-2005 Defense


Bertuzzi, Todd 1996-1997 Left Wing  NYI, VAN, FLA, ANA, CAL, DET
Biggs, Don 1998-1999 Center MNS, PHI
Bouck, Tyler 2000-2001 Left Wing DAL, PHX, VAN
Brady, Neil 1999-2001 Center N.J., OTT, DAL
Brickley, Andy  1994-1997  Left Wing  PHI, PIT,N.J., BOS, WIN
Brochu, Martin  1998-1999  Goalie  WSH, VAN, PIT
Brunet, Benoit  2001-2002  Left Wing  MTL, DAL, OTT
Byce, John  1998-1999  Right Wing  BOS
Callahan, Joe  2004-2005  Defense  NYI
Carter, Anson  1998-1999  Center  WSH, BOS, EDM, NYR, LA, VAN, CBJ, CAR
Chapdelaine, Rene  1998-1999  Defense  LA
Chebaturkin, Vladimir  1996-1997  Defense  NYI, ST.L., CHI
Christie, Ryan  2000-2001  Left Wing  DAL, CGY
Cole, Danton  1995-1996  Right Wing  WIN, T.B., N.J., NYI, CHI
Crossman, Doug  1994-1995  Defense  CHI, PHI, LA, NYI, HAR, DET, T.B., ST.L.
Crowley, Ted  1999-2000  Defense  HAR, COL, NYI
Curran, Brian  1997-1998  Defense  BOS, NYI, TOR, BUF, WSH
Dagenais, Pierre  2001-2002  Left Wing  N.J., FLA, MTL
Daley, Tevor  2003-2004  Defense  DAL
DeRouville, Philippe  1997-1999  Goalie  PIT
Descoteaux, Matthieu  2002-2003  Defense  MTL
DiMaio, Rob  2001-2002  Right Wing  NYI, T.B., PHI, BOS, NYR, CAR, DAL
Dineen, Gord  1994-2000  Defense  NYI, MNS, PIT, OTT
Dome, Robert  1995-1996  Right Wing  PIT, CGY
Donnelly, Mike  1996-1997  Left Wing  NYR, BUF, LA, DAL, NYI
Doull, Doug  2004-2005  Left Wing  BOS, WSH
Dowd, Jim  1996-1997  Center  N.J., VAN, NYI, CGY, EDM, MIN, MTL, CHI, COL,PHI
Ellis, Dan  2003-2004  Goalie  DAL, NAS, TB, ANA, CAR, FLA,
Erskine, John
 2003-2004  Defense DAL, NYI, WSH
Fichaud, Eric  1997-1998  Goalie  NYI, NSH, CAR, MTL
Fisher, Craig  1996-1997  Left Wing  PHI, WIN, FLA
Flaherty, Wade  1997-1998, 2001-2002  Goalie  S.J., NYI, T.B., FLA, NSH
Forbes, Colin  2001-2002  Wing  PHI, T.B., OTT, NYR, WSH
Fraser, Iain  1994-1995  Center  NYI, QUE, DAL, EDM, WIN, S.J.
Gagnon, Sean  2003-2004  Defense  PHX, OTT
Gainey, Steve  2000-2004  Left Wing  DAL, PHX
Gavey, Aaron  2004-2005  Center  T.B., CGY, DAL, MIN, TOR, ANA
Gordiouk, Viktor  1995-1996  Left WIng  BUF
Gosselin, David  2002-2003  Left WIng  NSH
Gove, David  2003-2004  Center  CAR
Gron, Stanislav  1998-1999  Left Wing  N.J.
Guy, Kevan  1994-1995  Defense  CGY, VAN
Halkidis, Bob  1995-1996  Defense  BUF, LA, TOR, DET, T.B., NYI
Halverson, Trevor  1995-1996  Left Wing  WSH
Handy, Ron  1994-1995  Center  NYI, ST.L.
Hawgood, Greg  2001-2003  Defense  BOS, EDM, PHI, FLA, PIT, S.J., VAN, DAL
Heisten, Barrett  2001-2004  Left Wing  NYR
Helbling, Timo  2003-2004  Defense  T.B., WSH
Helenius, Sami  2002-2003  Defense  CGY, T.B., COL, DAL, CHI
Herter, Jason  1995-1996  Defense  NYI
Hirsch, Corey  1999-2000, 2002-2003  Goalie  NYR, VAN, WSH, DAL
Hnilicka, Milan  1994-1995  Goalie  NYR, ATL, LA
Horacek, Tony  1997-1998  Left Wing  PHI, CHI
Houda, Doug  1996-1997  Defense  DET, HAR, LA, BUF, NYI, ANA,
Houde, Eric  2000-2001  Center  MTL
Hough, Mike  1998-1999  Right WIng  QUE, FLA, NYI
Hughes, Brent  1996-1997, 1998-1999  Left Wing  WIN, BOS, BUF, NYI
Ignatjev, Victor  1994-1996  Forward  PIT
Jackman, Richard  2000-2001  Defense  DAL, BOS, TOR, PIT, FLA, ANA
Jancevski, Dan  2001-2004  Defense  DAL, T.B.
Jardine, Ryan  2001-2002  Wing  FLA
Jaspers, Jason  2004-2005  Center  PHX
Johansson, Andreas  1995-1996  Center NYI, PIT, OTT, CGY, T.B., NYR, NSH
Junker, Steve  1994-1995  Right Wing  NYI
Kaminsky, Yan  1994-1997, 1998-1999  Left Wing  WIN, NYI
Kapanen, Niko  2001-2002  Center  DAL, ATL, PHX
Keefe, Sheldon  2004-2005  Right Wing  T.B.
Kenady, Chris  1998-1999  Right Wing  ST.L., NYR
Knipscheer, Fred  1997-1999  Center  BOS, ST.L.
Konopka, Zenon   2003-2004  Center  CBUS, T.B., NYI, OTT, MINN, BUF
Kruse, Paul  1990-1993, 1999-2000  Left Wing  CGY, NYI, BUF, S.J.
Kuntar, Les  1996-1997  Goalie  MTL
Landry, Eric  2002-2003  Center  CGY, MTL
Langkow, Scott  1998-1999  Goalie  WIN, PHX, ATL
Lapointe, Claude  1996-1997  Center  QUE, COL, CGY, NYI, PHI
Lawrence, Mark  1997-1998  Right Wing  DAL, NYI
Nathan Lawson
2007-2008 Goalie  NYI
LeBlanc, John  1997-1998  Left Wing  VAN, EDM, WIN
Leeb, Greg  2000-2001  Center  DAL
Leeman, Gary  1996-1997  Left Wing  TOR, CGY, MTL, VAN, ST.L.
LeNeveu, David  2004-2005  Goalie  PHX
Letang, Alan  2000-2001  Defense  DAL, CGY, NYI
Lewis, Trevor  2012-2013 Forward  LA
Libby, Jeff  1997-1998  Defense  NYI
Ling, David  2000-2001  Wing  MTL, CBJ
Loewen, Darcy  1997-1998  Left Wing  BUF, OTT
Luongo, Chris  1993-1995  Defense  DET, OTT, NYI
Lyashenko, Roman  2000-2002  Center  DAL, NYR
MacDonald, Andrew  2007-2008  Defense  NYI, PHI
MacLean, John  2001-2002  Right Wing  N.J., S.J., NYR, DAL
MacMillan, Jeff  2000-2004  Defense  DAL
MacWilliam, Mike  1994-1996  Left Wing  NYI
Madill, Jeff  1994-1995  Right Wing  N.J.
Mailhot, Jacques  1996-1997  Right Wing  QUE
Malgunas, Stewart  1999-2000  Defense  PHI, WIN, WSH, CGY
Mann, Cameron  2001-2002  Right Wing  BOS, NSH
Mannino, Peter  2008-2009  Goalie  NYI
Manson, Dave  2001-2002  Defense  CHI, EDM, WIN, PHX, MTL,DAL, TOR
Marinucci, Chris  1994-1997  Center  NYI, LA
Mark, Gord  1996-1997  Defense  N.J., EDM
Marois, Daniel  1996-1997  Right Wing  TOR, NYI, BOS, DAL
May, Alan  1995-1996  Left Wing  BOS, EDM, WSH, DAL, CGY
McLennan, Jamie  1994-1996  Goalie  NYI, ST.L., MIN, NYR, CGY, FLA
McVicar, Rob  2006-2007  Goalie  VAN
Mertzig, Jan  1998-1999  Defense  NYR
Messier, Joby  1996-1997  Defense  NYR
Michaud, Alfie  2005-2006  Goalie  VAN
Antti Miettinen 2003-2004 Left Wing DAL, MIN
Miller, Brad  1995-1996,1997-1998,1999-2000  Defense  BUF,OTT, CGY
Miller, Kip  1994-1995, 1997-1998  Center  QUE, MIN, S.J., NYI, CHI, PIT, ANA, WSH
Modry, Jaroslav  1996-1998  Defense  N.J., OTT, LA, PHX, ATL, DAL, PHI
Montgomery, Jim  2001-2003  Center  ST.L., MTL, PHI, S.J., DAL
Morgan, Gavin  1999-2003  Center  DAL
Namestnikov, Evgeny  1997-1998  Defense  VAN, NYI, NSH
Neaton, Patrick  1999-2001  Defense  PIT
Nieckar, Barry  1995-1996  Left Wing  HAR, CGY, ANA
Niedermayer, Scott 1998-1999 Defense NJ, ANA
Oliver, David 2002-2004 Right Wing EDM, NYR, OTT, PHX, DAL
Olson, Josh  2001-2002  Left Wing  FLA
Orszagh, Vladimir  1996-1998  Right Wing  NYI, NSH, ST.L.
Osborne, Keith  1996-1997  Right Wing  ST.L., T.B.
Ott, Steve  2002-2003  Center  DAL, BUF, STL
Palffy, Zigmund  1994-1995  Right Wing  NYI, LA, PIT
Panteleev, Grigori  1995-1996  Left Wing  BOS, NYI
Parent, Rich  1999-2000  Goalie  ST.L., T.B., PIT
Park, Richard 1999-2000 Center PIT, ANA, PHI, MIN, VAN, NYI
Payer, Serge  2001-2002  Center  FLA, OTT
Pederson, Tom  1996-1997  Defense  S.J., TOR
Pelletier, Jean-Marc  2004-2005  Goalie  PHIL, PHX
Peters, Warren 2003-2004 Center CGY, DAL
Plante, Dan  1994-1995,1997-1998  Right Wing  NYI
Purves, John  1998-2002  Right Wing  WSH
Ram, Jamie  1997-1998  Goalie  NYR
Rechlicz, Joel 2008-2009 Right Wing NYI
Roach, Andy  1998-1999  Defense  ST.L.
Rochefort, Normand  1994-1995  Defense  QUE, NYR, T.B.
Rodgers, Marc  1995-1997  Right Wing  DET
Rossiter, Kyle  2001-2002  Defense  FLA, ATL
Ryan, Terry  1999-2000  Left Wing  MTL
Salo, Tommy  1994-1996  Goalie  NYI, EDM, COL
Scissons, Scott  1994-1995  Center  NYI
Sharples, Jeff  1995-2000  Defense  DET
Shevalier, Jeff  2000-2001  Left Wing  LA, T.B.
Shvidki, Denis  2001-2002  Right Wing  FLA
Siklenka, Mike  2003-2004  Defense  PHI, NYR
Sim, Jonathan  2000-2003, 2004-2005  Left Wing  DAL, NSH, LA, PIT, PHI, FLA, ATL, NYI
Simon, Jason  1994-1995  WIng  NYI, PHX
Fredrik Sjostrom
2004-2005 Right Wing PHX, NYR, CGY, TOR
Skalde, Jarrod 1999-2000, 2003-2005  Center  N.J., ANA, CGY, S.J., DAL, CHI, ATL, PHI
Smith, Mike  2002-2004  Goalie  DAL, T.B., PHX/ARI
Smith, Trevor  2007-2008  Center  NYI, TOR
Soderstrom, Tommy  1996-1997  Goalie  PHI, NYI
Sonnenberg, Martin  2004-2005  Left Wing  PIT, CGY
Spiller, Matthew  2004-2005  Defense  PHX, NYI
Stanton, Paul  1994-1995  Defense  PIT, BOS, NYI
Storm, Jim  1997-1998  Left Wing  HAR, DAL
Storr, Jamie
 2004-2005  Goalie  LA, CAR
Streit, Mark  1999-2000  Defense  MON, NYI, PHI
Stutzel, Mike  2004-2005  Left Wing  PHX
Tabaracci, Rick  1999-2001  Goalie  PIT, WIN, WSH, CGY, T.B., ATL, COL
Taylor, Chris  1994-1998  Center  NYI, BOS, BUF
TIchy, Milan  1994-1996  Defense  CHI, NYI
Tjarnqvist, Mathias  2003-2004  Right Wing  DAL, PHX
Tobler, Ryan  1997-1998  Wing  T.B.
Tselios, Nikos  2004-2005  Defense  CAR
Tugnutt, Ron  2003-2004  Goalie  QUE, EDM, ANA, MTL, OTT, PIT, CBJ, DAL
Vachon, Nicholas  1996-1997  Left Wing  NYI
Valicevic, Rob  2003-2004  Right Wing  NSH, LA, ANA, DAL
Vasilyev, Andrei  1994-1997  Left Wing  NYI, PHX
Virtue, Terry  2004-2005  Defense  BOS, NYR
Vopat, Jan  1997-1998  Defense  LA, NSH
Vukota, Mick  1996-1997, 1998-2000  Right Wing  NYI, T.B., MTL
Waite, Jimmy  1998-1999  Goalie  CHI, S.J., PHX
Wells, Chris  2000-2001  Center  PIT, FLA
Westrum, Erik  2004-2005  Center  PHX, MIN, TOR
White, Peter  2004-2005  Center  EDM, TOR, PHI, CHI
Whitney, Ray 1996-1997 Left Wing SJ, EDM, FL, CBJ, DET, CAR, PHX
Winnes, Chris  1996-1997 Right Wing  BOS, PHI
 Wotton, Mark  2000-2004  Defense  VAN, DAL
 Wright, Jamie  2000-2001  Left Wing  DAL, CGY, PHI
 Yake, Terry  1994-1995  Center  HAR, ANA, TOR, ST.L., WSH
 Zalapski, Zarley  1999-2000  Defense




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